Your Personalized Wedding: The Official Flowers of Your Families’ Countries of Origin

Wedding at the Westminster Hotel

Photo by Dean Michaels Studio


One of the easiest and prettiest ways to combine your and your groom’s cultures, or pay homage to one or the other in ways that work with your wedding vision, is to use the Official Flowers of your families’ countries of origin. You might blend them into your centerpieces, or build your bouquet style around the perfect pairing of your roses and his plum blossoms – with each so meaningful to you and to your families.

You might wish to use these ‘emblem flowers’ in your site décor, such as vases filled with peonies to honor your Chinese roots at your cocktail party, or pedestals displaying dahlias as a floral tribute to your Mexican background. Floral emblems may also be used in the graphics used on your invitations or wedding programs – such as a pretty lily of the valley for your Finnish wedding, or an hibiscus for your Korean wedding.

The options are endless, so here is a starter list of different countries and their national official flowers. (Be aware that many countries’ regions claim their own individual flowers, and that some countries haven’t yet decided on specific flowers to call their own. And while legislation was put into place in 1986 naming the rose as the official flower of the United State, each individual state claims its own official flower.)


Antigua and Barbuda:            Dagger Log

Argentina:                               Seibo

Australia:                                 Golden Wattle [Australia has several different state flowers to consider]

The Bahamas:                         Yellow Elder

Barbados:                                Pride of Barbados

Belize:                                     Black Orchid

Bhutan:                                   Blue poppy

Bolivia:                                    Kantuta and Patuju

Brazil:                                      Tabebuia Alba

Canada:                                   Maple leaf [And many provinces claim their own emblem f  lowers, such as the mayflower, the emblem of Nova Scotia]

People’s Republic of China:   Peony, plum blossom and chrysanthemum

Colombia:                                Cattleya Orchid

Denmark:                                Red Clover

Dominican Republic:              Mahogany Tree Flower

Egypt:                                     Lady Slipper

Estonia:                                   Cornflower

Ethiopia:                                  Calla lily

Finland:                                   Lily of the Valley

France:                                    Fleur De Lis (Iris)

Germany:                                Cornflower

Greece:                                    Violet and Laurel Branch

Republic of India:                   Lotus

Iran:                                         Tulip

Iraq:                                         Rose

Ireland:                                    Shamrock

Israel:                                      Cyclamen

Italy:                                        Cyclamen

Jamaica:                                   Lignum Vitae

Japan:                                      Cherry blossom [Not actually official, but the bloom of choice]

Jordan:                                    Black Iris

Laos:                                       Plumeria

Malaysia:                                 Chinese Hibiscus

Maldives:                                Pink Rose

Mexico:                                   Dahlia

Nepal:                                      Rhododendron

Netherlands:                            Tulip

New Zealand:                         Silver Fern

North Korea:                           Magnolia

Norway:                                  Heather

Peru:                                        Cantuta

Poland:                                    Corn Poppy

Portugal:                                  Lavender, Sunflower, Red Oak and Carnation

Russia:                                     Chamomile

St. Kitts and St. Nevis:           Red Royal Poinciana

South Africa:                          King Protea

South Korea:                           Hibiscus Syriacus (Rose of Sharon)

Spain:                                      Carnation

Taiwan:                                   Plum Blossom

Trinidad and Tobago:             Chaconia

Ukraine:                                  Sunflower

United Kingdom:                    Tudor Rose or Red Rose [Each region has its own emblem flower, including the Welsh daffodil and the Scottish bluebell, among others.]

Uruguay:                                 Ceibo

Venezuela:                              Cattleya Orchid

Vietnam:                                 Red Lotus

[Flower IDs were correct at the time of this writing; at any time, regions or countries may choose a different flower.]