Strip House NJ’s 24-Layer Chocolate Cake Featured on Food Network

Imagine how excited your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner or party guests will be when they find out that the 24-layer chocolate cake we offer at our events has been featured on Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate.” It’s a celebrity chef-pleasing, delectable indulgence, and a must for your event’s dessert menu.

Here’s our chef’s preparation of the cake:


Desserts with a Message at Strip House at the Westminster Hotel


Our pastry chef will write your choice of message on a dessert plate, allowing you to plan a special surprise for your special someone. ‘Will You Marry Me?’ helps you pop the question in sweet style.

Desserts at Strip House at the Westminster Hotel

And you may be looking for the perfect ‘bridesmaids proposal’ idea, which leads to taking your intended bridesmaids out to Strip House at the Westminster Hotel for lunch, dinner or just drinks and desserts. When your pretty message plate shows up at your table, your bridesmaids will know you’ve made it official!

Desserts at Strip House at the Westminster Hotel


If you’re in the midst of wedding planning, with your parents doing so much to help, treat them to a night out, capped off by a special dessert presentation conveying your thanks.

Desserts at Strip House at the Westminster Hotel

And you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to ask your sweetheart to be yours. It’s especially important to reconnect and fuel the romance during those hectic wedding planning months. A romantic date night here with us leads to this indulgent pots de crème treat:

Desserts at Strip House at the Westminster Hotel

Our signature 24-layer chocolate cake, cheesecake, chocolate dessert and fresh strawberries may stand out as enticing treats at the center of the plate, but your message swirled in sauce on the plate itself is the sweetest of surprises.

Join us for dessert, stop in for a fabulous gourmet meal, and treat your loved ones to a thoughtful, tasty and fabulous surprise!

Love our message plates? Consider adding them to your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, bridesmaids’ lunch or wedding catering plans!



Patti Stanger and Good Morning America at Strip House

west patti stanger

Did you see Patti Stanger at Strip House on Good Morning America this morning? The Millionaire Matchmaker filmed a segment in NYC’s luxe, red, sensual Strip House (nearly identical to our Strip House New Jersey,) and she Tweeted about loving her dinner:

Patti Stanger @pattistanger Feb 10 :

Thx ur Rib eye n truffle spinach off the chain! Hope you like the wine. As I say where there is meat there is men

Here is Good Morning America’s report on the segment:–abc-news-sex.html .

Clearly, Strip House is on the map as a passionate place for a romantic date, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, you can do no better than a sexy setting, great wine and food, and a luscious Strip House 24-layer chocolate cake.

NJ Bride 50 Shades of Grey bridal shower Strip House Signature NY Strip Steak

Truffled Spinach

Truffled Spinach

A look inside the delectable chocolate cake your bridal shower group can enjoy!

A look inside the delectable Strip House 24-layer chocolate cake

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