Get your Wedding Published in a Top Wedding Magazine or Bridal Blog

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Your wedding will be so lovely and elegant that it can appear in the top wedding magazines and on the top wedding blogs. You’ll be an international star! Your friends and family will be thrilled to share the excitement of your wedding featured as among the very best and most beautiful weddings of the year! Especially in the biggest-name bridal magazines and on the top wedding blogs that all your friends follow. Celebrity brides have their weddings in the media, so why not you?!

One of our weddings was recently featured on New Jersey Bride! See the post here:

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We’re happy to help you achieve wedding stardom! Here are our top tips for submitting your wedding story and photos to wedding magazines and blogs:

  1. Submit to one magazine or blog at a time! They very often require exclusive submissions, so that your wedding isn’t accepted into a competitor’s magazine or blog before they can feature you, or afterwards. So choose your favorites well, and expect that it can take weeks to hear back from each of your chosen dream magazines or blogs. Most bridal magazines and blogs will feature weddings from up to 2 years prior, so you have plenty of time.
  1. Follow the directions on each site’s Real Weddings submissions page carefully. Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  1. Get your photographer’s permission to share your images. He or she will need to submit high-resolution images and grant their okay to have your photos published, with credit given to him or her.
  1. In your submission letter, entice the editors with your wedding description. Share unique details of your wedding location, menu, décor items and ceremony style. For instance, if you used eco-friendly wedding décor, be sure to call attention to that in your letter. Editors receive thousands of submissions a month, so help yours stand out with details that are ‘publish-worthy.’
  1. Share details about your relationship. Editors love it when you’ve known each other since grade school, or if you overcame any obstacles to reach the altar. They’re looking for inspiring love stories as well as beautiful wedding designs.
  1. Tell them that you can provide information on all of your wedding experts; editors love it when you help them do their jobs. If you supply the URLs for your pros, editors will love you.
  1. Make your initial submission concise. A busy editor won’t take the time to read a seven-page rambling application story with no paragraph breaks. Editors say, “That hurts my eyes!”
  1. Use perfect spelling and grammar in your submission. Don’t give them a reason to reject you.
  1. Don’t attach a hundred high-resolution photos in your submission unless the online application form asks you to. Submit the number they ask for, in the format they ask for, and submit a link to your online gallery, so that editors can pick out which images they want for the story.
  1. Make sure your wedding fits with the magazine’s or blog’s topic or location. A regional magazine, for instance, only wants to publish weddings taking place in that region.
  1. Come up with a catchy title for your Real Wedding story. You’ll stand out, and again, editors love it when you make their jobs easier.
  1. Follow all of the bridal magazines and bridal blogs you love on Facebook and Twitter. They often put out requests for new Real Wedding stories to their followers, which can better your odds of being published by them.
  1. Find out when you can submit your wedding to OUR blog, after it appears in a bridal magazine or on a blog. The editors will let you know how long you’ll have to wait to give them exclusivity; then just let us know when your wedding can be featured here!

What Are the Top Wedding Blogs to Consider?

We of course are happy to send you right to New Jersey Bride to submit your wedding here names their best wedding blogs of the year annually, and here is the link to their newest list:  Most of these blogs feature Real Wedding stories, so look for their ‘Be On Our Site’ or ‘Real Weddings’ pages to get their submission requirements.

This year’s Best-Of blogs include names you know, like:

* Style Me Pretty

* The Knot

* Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

* Offbeat Bride

* Ruffled Blog

* 100 Layer Cake

* Offbeat Bride

* Polka Dot Bride

* One Fab Day

* Emmaline Bride

* DIY Bride

* Ritzy Bee

* Junebug Weddings

* Bride Chic

* Eco-Friendly Weddings

* Pretty Pear Brides

* Bridal Bar

And more…

What Are the Top Wedding Magazines to Consider?

All of the top print wedding magazines feature Real Weddings, so look to these national magazines – they may be looking for your wedding as well!

* The Knot

* Brides

* Bridal Guide

* Martha Stewart Weddings

* Elegant Bride

And more…

And keep in mind that your photographer may submit your wedding to Two Bright Lights, a site where your wedding images and details are posted, and editors go there to find their next gorgeous wedding to feature! Talk to your photographer about how he or she may plan to submit your wedding for publication, and make a plan together!


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