New Jersey Wedding Couples’ Average Spending on the Wedding Cake


Wedding cake for a Westminster Hotel Wedding - photo by Montclair Studios

Our friends at The Wedding Report share their wedding survey results on what NJ wedding couples are spending on their wedding cakes. It’s always fascinating to see how budget trends change from year to year, and we see that wedding cake spending will stay about the same for 2017 weddings and 2018 weddings in New Jersey. For your Westminster Hotel wedding or party, talk with our in-house cake baker about your cake wishes, favorite flavors and design inspiration, and we’ll have all of your guests Wowed by the sensational cake providing a fabulous focal point in your wedding ballroom, and tasting fabulous as well!

Year   Average Spending per Wedding  
2008   $460  
2009   $451  
2010   $495  
2011   $542  
2012   $541  
2013   $538  
2014   $546  
2015   $576  
2016   $581  
2017   $581  
2018   $581  
2019   $584  
2020   $584  
2021   $586  



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