10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Cocktail Party Stand Out

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Wedding guests say they love a great cocktail party, and with a fabulous array of dishes in luscious flavors, it’s no wonder that many guests look forward most to this phenomenal first hour of a wedding celebration!

We’ve collected ten ways to make your cocktail party stand out, incorporating some of the top trends in wedding catering and wowing your guests with amazing choices and presentations:

  1. COLOR. From vivid greens to bright oranges, yellows and reds, to fall menu purples and persimmon, fresh and healthy cocktail party menu options add a burst of color to your stations. It’s a far cry from those brown, fried hors d’oeuvres that guests have seen a million times at other weddings, enticing and appetizing in a colorful rainbow of hues.

Westminster Wedding cocktail party

2. Salad small plates. Light, healthy, crunchy salad dishes are a welcome sight at a wedding cocktail party, for those guests who prefer to eat farm-fresh fare. Plus, our chefs work magic with greens, veggies, toppings and dressings for your guests’ enjoyment of salad plates offered here at the cocktail party, rather than as a course during your wedding dinner.

Cocktail party at Westminster Weddings

3. Unique hand-passed hors d’oeuvres PLUS the classics. Wedding guests look for approaching servers bearing platters of hors d’oeuvres, and they’re delighted when the offerings go beyond ‘the usuals’ found at every other wedding. Ceviches, mini empanadas, and forkfuls of flavorful noodles give guests unique bites…and they also know that the trays of crunchy coconut shrimp and pigs in a blanket 9one of our specialties!) will also be coming around.

4. Food and drink pairings. Our Westminster Wedding chefs perfect the art of pairing cocktail party foods with complement drinks, like our Asian noodles with a shot of green tea for a refreshing duo of flavors. Getting back to our pigs in a blanket, add a mini mug of beer for a flavor combo that wows the crowd.

Cocktail party at Westminster Weddings

5. Food and soup pairings. Mini grilled cheese adored by guests get a flavorful pairing with mini shots of tomato soup, and you can personalize your soup shooter and bite menu with our chefs. For instance, a mini crab cake offered with a shooter of lobster or crab bisque.

Grilled cheese bites at Westminster Hotel's weddings6. Crostinis. They’re a top trend for wedding menus, a toasty slice of crusty bread topped with creamy and tasty layers, like our beef and black truffle oil spinach combination.

Small plates at Westminste Weddings7. Gluten-free options. GF wedding menu options are so plentiful at Westminster Weddings. Talk to our chef, and try some at your wedding menu tasting, to offer a wide range of GF wedding menu options for your guests.

8. Chef attendants at stations. They put on a show while preparing dishes, and they’ll also customize your wedding guests’ orders.

9. Gorgeous station setups. Each table can have towers and tiers of food for the taking, and upscale plates and serving bowls set out with plated food looking like colorful and textured, tasty works of art.

10. Wedding signs. Cleverly-worded and personalized signs set at each cocktail party station tell guests their menu options and personalization ideas. Add some humor to yours, or share a story about why you chose that particular station, such as it being a nod to your culture, or a dish inspired by your grandparent’s recipe.

We’d like to add a #11: give some extra thought to the kids’ food station, treating them to something more exciting than a kids’ wedding menu of chicken fingers and fries. Talk to our chef about kid-pleasing gourmet mini pizzas, spring rolls, sushi, crudités cut into kids-friendly shapes, and other dishes that parents and kids will be happy to see.


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