NEW! Introducing the Westminster Hotel Weddings Bridal Shower Package

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Plan A Bridal Shower Like No Other…

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new Westminster Hotel Weddings Bridal Shower Package!

Open to all wedding groups, whether or not the wedding is booked with us.

If the wedding is booked with Westminster Hotel Weddings, you will receive:

  • 10% off your bridal shower package fee
  • A free 24-layer Strip House chocolate layer cake, feeds 20  ($250 value)
A look inside the delectable chocolate cake your bridal shower group can enjoy!

A look inside the delectable chocolate cake your bridal shower group can enjoy!

Bridal showers take place at the chic, upscale Strip House in Livingston, named to the nominees list of best restaurant/hotel bars in the state, and named best-designed restaurant by Interior Design Magazine.

west strip2  west strip5 west strip6 west strip3 west strip4

Timing: 1pm to 4pm

Strip House can accommodate up to 75 bridal shower guests.

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On the Menu:

Signature Cocktails: You get to design your own signature bridal shower cocktail, partnering with our mixologist via phone, email or an in-person meeting to choose the color, taste and name of your bridal shower signature drink that will be available to all of your guests.

west drinks candied apple martini

Welcome Course:

Cheese Fondue Station, featuring our famous Gorgonzola-Stilton cheese fondue and dippers such as warm garlic bread or seasonal vegetable crudités and more, OR  an impressive imported cheese platter, both option with our wine expert’s custom-selected wines to complement your cheese selections.

Sit-Down Bridal Shower Lunch: Each course available with a wine pairing tailored to the Entrée item you choose, for the ultimate culinary experience, plus a cordial pairing with dessert.

  • Salad
  • Entrée
  • Dessert

Our on-site cake bakers and pastry chef can make all of your desserts, or you may bring in your own cake for our staff’s professional plating.

west bridal shower new 3 west bridal shower new 1 west bridal shower new 2 west bridal shower new 4

Coffee bar with an array of coffee flavoring syrups, creamers and rock candy stirrers.

west bridal shower rock candy 2

Tea bar with an array of tea flavors

Our event planning team can organize your upscale bridal shower game: a contest to see which bridal shower guest decorates their own fondant-covered Westminster Weddings cake layer in the most stylish design. For an additional fee, we provide the fondant-covered cake layers, we supply your choices of six different types of cake décor items, and the winner gets a prize. And that prize is also something we can arrange for you: such as a gift card for a massage at our elite on-site spa.

Additionally, our bridal shower package, like all of our Westminster Hotel Weddings, can be customized to your liking, and tailored to your budget, and planned to please the bride and all of her guests. We’re thrilled to introduce our bridal shower package as a very exciting Something New that provides a rarity in the coming months: it’s something that none of your bridal shower guests have experienced before, and your bride could be the very first in her circle of friends and family to have a bridal shower with such focus on fine food, wine and desserts, in our celebrity-favorite restaurant. Call our director of catering at Westminster Hotel Weddings (973-548-0047) today to start planning your unforgettable bridal shower.


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