Top Wedding Months for New Jersey

Newly-engaged and wondering what the most popular wedding months are for New Jersey weddings? We have the newest stats from The Wedding Report here, showing you which months are in highest demand for New Jersey weddings, and when off-peak wedding months occur as well.

west nj wedding months

Month Percent of Weddings Number of Weddings
January 3.0% 1,342
February 3.0% 1,342
March 5.0% 2,237
April 7.0% 3,132
May 12.0% 5,369
June 13.0% 5,817
July 9.0% 4,027
August 10.0% 4,474
September 14.0% 6,264
October 13.0% 5,817
November 8.0% 3,580
December 4.0% 1,790

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