Sharing Your Wedding Menu Planning Process with your Parents

They say the food makes the wedding, standing out as a remarkable and memorable foodie experience for all of your guests. A wedding featuring the top wedding menu trends and farm-fresh ingredients, plus your wedding catering venue’s expertise and magic with food preparation and presentation is sure to make your day even more amazing.

Long before your big day, you’ll meet with your wedding venue’s chef to choose the dishes for your wedding cocktail party menu, reception menu and dessert choices, at a meeting of the minds (and palates) that begins to turn your wedding menu wishes into reality. And many of our NJ wedding couples opt to bring their parents to the tasting meeting, for their input and as a much-appreciated chance to share in the excitement of this tasty, informative and important part of wedding planning.

Involving parents in wedding menu selection has become a big wedding trend for 2016, and we’re always happy to welcome wedding couples along with their parents for a menu tasting adventure and the creation of the best wedding menu plan possible. Here are some tips for including your parents in the wedding menu planning process:

  • Involving parents in menu selection, even if parents are not paying for the wedding, is a wonderful way to share your wedding planning excitement with them, and create everlasting memories with your parents.
  • As a matter of diplomacy, if you invite one set of parents to join you, consider inviting the other set of parents as well. While the adage of ‘too many cooks’ often rings true, you may find that multiple opinions on your potential menu items is a great help to you. And it would begin your married future with equality for each of your families, not any resentments that one family was favored over the other.
  • Send a printed invitation to your parents, inviting them to your wedding menu tasting. Receiving this pretty invitation in the mail is a wonderful experience for parents, shows off your design style, and honors your parents with such a lovely gesture. They’ll certainly keep your invitation as a priceless memento.
  • Be sure to inform all attending parents that you get the final vote on menu items, which you’ll make with their valuable opinions.
  • Let parents know that any dishes that do not make it onto your final wedding menu selection list can be used at the rehearsal dinner or other wedding celebration.
  • If you’d like, print out your wedding venue’s menu lists in advance of the meeting, and share them with each of your parents so that the parents can star or highlight their top wedding menu dishes on their own time, then sharing their picks with you. These printed and hand-written menu lists inform your choices, and then – this is the lovely part – join your wedding planning keepsakes collection for an everlasting reminder of your parents’ involvement in wedding menu selections.
  • When parents are known for their excellent taste in cuisine, they often become valuable resources for all wedding events and celebrations. They also appreciate being honored with this invitation, and relish the chance to talk with top wedding chefs.
  • Parents are also excellent resources on guests’ specialty wedding menu needs, such as gluten-free wedding menu item needs. They may know who in the family is GF, who requires kosher wedding menu items, and so on, allowing you better communication with your wedding chef.
  • At the wedding, be sure to track down your parents at the cocktail hour or during the dinner to share and rave about your wedding menu dishes, and let parents know how special it is to you that you shared your wedding menu planning with them.

If your parents are notoriously pushy about their wishes, already causing you wedding stress in other areas of the planning, you may wish to just share the wedding menu printouts with them for their input and end their involvement with that. The two of you will then attend your wedding menu tasting session with your chef, minus any pressure or drama of having your parents present. You’ve still included your parents in the process, but the tasting event is yours alone.



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