Connect with the Perfect Wedding Photographer – Guest Post by Danielle Richards of Danielle Richards Photography, LLC

Photo by Danielle Richards

We’re so pleased to welcome esteemed wedding photographer Danielle Richards to our blog, sharing a wonderful lesson about connecting with the perfect wedding photographer. We agree whole-heartedly with her insights about the best wedding pros being ones you connect with, creating a rewarding relationship. Read on for Danielle’s sage advice in her guest expert post:


When you’re looking for the perfect NJ wedding photographer, you’ve likely checked the top bridal blogs and wedding websites for advice about questions to ask wedding photographers, and you’ll certainly scroll through their online photo galleries to get a sense of their photojournalistic style. But there’s an often-forgotten and very important detail to keep in mind: the kind of connection you have with a wedding photographer.

Unlike most other wedding pros, you’ll have a relationship with your photographer long after the wedding. You’ll communicate about your wedding photo file delivery, about your albums, any prints and enlargements you’d like, and many other topics. So your relationship with your photographer will be ongoing, often for years. Several of my wedding clients have transitioned into family portrait clients, and I love documenting their growing families. Having a great relationship with your wedding photographer makes this process far smoother than if you booked an expert who may not be very professional or responsive at times. To avoid wedding stress related to all things wedding photography, the connection you have with your photographer will mean a lot going forward.

Photo by Danielle Richards

Photo by Danielle Richards

And in addition to making your future orders go more smoothly and drama-free, keep in mind that your wedding photographs will come out so much better when you have a great relationship with your photographer. When you truly like and are comfortable with your photographer, you’ll both be more natural in front of your pro. You’ll feel more comfortable ‘inviting your photographer in’ to those very special and tender moments you’ll share together during your First Looks and throughout your wedding day. I’ve found that my wedding clients relax and trust me to exist in their moment without influencing it, without controlling it, and that’s when I capture those amazing once-in-a-lifetime moments and those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it expressions and interactions. When my couples have connected with me, they’ll get more of those breathtaking moments captured forever. I’m all about natural moments, so the more comfortable a couple is with me, the better experience for them.

Photo by Danielle Richards

Another reason to pay attention to the natural connection you have with a wedding photographer is that this is one of the professionals who will be out and about, among your guests the entire time, interacting with them. A wedding photographer with a terrific, natural presence that you’ve connected with, is always going to make your guests feel more at ease, and thus capture better images of them as well. You don’t want any distractions from your day, and a top-quality wedding photographer knows how to blend in, be aware, be responsive, work well with other vendors, and get those story-telling pictures for you.

Photo by Danielle Richards

This is why your meeting with a prospective photographer, in-person, is so important. Don’t just book a photography pro because you like images on a website. Take the time to meet them, to see the consistency in their work and to get a feel for their personality, that natural ‘click’ between you. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable with this person, if this pro is focused on you and your vision for the day, if you get a good vibe. You’ll have some clues about your prospective wedding photographer from the interactions that happen before this meeting; from how long it takes to hear back when you call, email or text (a day is reasonable, especially during busy wedding season months,) and how any initial communications go. A good relationship is about communication and reliability, so when you feel that a wedding photographer values you, your time, and your wishes, it’s a sign that you’re on the right track.

And don’t forget….the wedding photographer is also assessing a natural connection with you and what your relationship will be like going forward, so the same consideration about returning messages as soon as possible, and being present during the meeting, focused, engaged, and open, applies to you. This is, after all, a relationship that’s going to last.

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Thank you, Danielle, for your time and your fabulous insights, which we know are going to help so many NJ wedding couples!


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