Q&A: How Many Gluten-Free Menu Items Should We Have at our Wedding?

Westminster Wedding gluten-free menu items

Today starts our Q&A series! Our team here at Westminster Weddings, and will be answering your questions about wedding catering, bridal showers, engagement parties and all other events and topics related to your big day.

Q: Some of our guests are on gluten-free diets. What percentage of our cocktail party menu items should be gluten-free, and should we offer more than one gluten-free entrée option?

Westminster Weddings team: Great question! We’re thankfully far, far away from the days when gluten-sensitive guests found very little to choose from on wedding menus, picking at salads and wishing they were more of a priority to the wedding couple. At Westminster Weddings, we pay special attention to your guests’ dietary needs, and we’ve come up with lots of ways to make them happy.

While you could create a menu with as many or as few gluten-free items as you wish, in order to give your GF guests a wide variety of dishes to choose from, our general advice is to make 25% of your menu gluten-free. Some cocktail party menu choices include: Antipasto Displays, Assorted cheeses, Carving Stations, and a Raw Bar.

Keep in mind that there are always substitute ingredients that can be used for traditional wedding cocktail party stations, including Gluten Free Pasta, Gluten Free Mashed Potatoes, using Tamari or Kikkoman Brand Soy Sauce on the Asian Station, and more. Our chefs will work with you to customize your wedding menu overall, including creative ways to offer more gluten-free menu choices for your guests, to create cocktail party, dinner and dessert dishes that will please all of your guests, including those on specialty diets.


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