Newly-Engaged? Here is the NEW List of the Top 10 Wedding Planning To-Dos to Tackle First

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Congratulations on your Engagement!

We know you can’t stop looking at that gorgeous engagement ring on your finger, and you’re immersed in a happy swirl of congratulations messages from all of your friends and family on your Instagram and Facebook; someone might even be planning your engagement party already! Enjoy all of this excitement right now as much as you can, because this is the ‘good stuff’ at the center of all weddings – celebrating with your loved ones.

And soon, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, you’ll start on your first wedding planning To-Dos, as you both take your first steps into wedding world, discovering an overwhelming amount of beautiful wedding Pinterest pins and wedding design inspirations, wedding gowns by the top wedding designers, top designer shoes for your big day, wedding cakes decorated to perfection and more. But before that swirl turns into wedding stress, we encourage you to make a step-by-step wedding to-do plan that tackles the essentials first, and then you can more confidently dive into all of those ultra-pretty personalized wedding details.

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Here are the top 10 First Wedding Tasks to work on:

1. Decide on Your Wedding Season and Date Range


When everyone hears you’re engaged, the first question they’ll ask is ‘When is your wedding date,’ and you can’t plan anything else for your wedding until you know approximately when your wedding date will be. Will you be engaged and planning for six months? A year? More? Will you marry in springtime, summer, fall or winter? Right now, you’re just deciding on your wedding season and narrowing down your potential wedding dates until you can book your dream wedding venue

2. Decide on your Wedding’s Style

Will you have a classic, timeless ballroom wedding? Or an outdoor wedding ceremony with your reception in an elegantly-decorated ballroom? Is your wedding style modern, vintage, classic, romantic, rustic, blinged-out glam, Great Gatsby­-inspired, etc.

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3. Set your Budget

Decide on how much you and your families plan to contribute to your wedding budget, which will affect every other wedding planning task coming up. To help keep you on track, use one of the top online wedding budgeting tools available through the top wedding magazine websites, or through your wedding gift registry site.

4. Choose Your Bridal Party Members

To avoid any wedding stress and drama with your friends, who will be eager to know if you’ve chosen them, make your selections earlier. This cuts down on any friends’ speculation or putting you in an awkward position when they ask if they’ll be a bridesmaid. And asking friends and relatives to be in your bridal party now gives them lots of time to start saving money for their roles, your bridal shower, and perhaps their travel and wedding hotel lodging.

njbblogbatch15 SuperstarBridesmaidMon Cheri

5. Begin Registering For Wedding Gifts

Some friends and family are going to look for your wedding gift registry the moment they hear you’re engaged. Loved ones will want to send engagement gifts, so they seek your gift wishlists. Begin setting up your 2 – 3 wedding gift registries now, and adding gifts in a range of prices for your guests’ budgets. You can always add more choices later.

6. Create Your Wedding Guest List

In order to choose your dream wedding venue, you’ll need to know the size of your guest list. Know your dream wedding venue’s capacity to safely and comfortably fit your wedding guests into the wedding ballroom or in the gardens, and also to configure your wedding budget.

7. Choose and Book Your Wedding Venue


To book the best wedding venue in your area, and get the best prices, tackle this task as soon as possible, always after you have your wedding guest list and budget set to help you fine-tune your wedding vision. Sit down with your wedding venue’s in-house wedding coordinator, or with your own independent wedding coordinator, to discuss your plans for your wedding venue décor, as well as other details of your wedding celebration here at this spectacular wedding location!

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8. Start Researching Top-Quality Wedding Vendors

You want the best wedding experts on your team, so start researching the top NJ wedding vendors now, check out the New Jersey Bride Love It list (that we are proud to be included on for the third year in a row!), ask your recently married friends if they would recommend the wedding professionals they hired for their weddings or special celebrations, and ask your already-hired wedding pros if they have any thoughts about experts you’re considering (the NJ wedding expert community is well-known to one another – many are good friends!) Start booking your wedding experts now.

9. Plan Your Wellness and De-Stress Regimen

You know that all of the details and decisions involved in wedding planning will cause you some stress, and if you have any drama with friends or family, you might expect your wedding stress to double or triple, so plan now to begin a de-stress routine that works for you. You might sign up for a massage membership for monthly massages, budget for relaxing facials, book a wedding bootcamp or personal trainer for brides, or just start a gratitude journal to help keep your mindset in a positive place.

Breeze, a free app on iTunes, to motivate your exercise goals

Breeze, a free app on iTunes, to motivate your exercise goals

10. Insure Your Engagement Ring

Talk to your insurance representative about adding your valuable engagement ring to your homeowner’s, renter’s or other insurance policies to help protect you in case your ring is stolen, or research independent insurance companies that handle jewelry insurance to carefully select a policy for your rings and other valuables.


With these essentials tackled, and without rushing through them, you’re now ready to explore so many beautiful images of wedding details, and sit down with your chef, wedding planner and pastry chef to design the most impressive parts of your wedding celebration.



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