Our Bride Natasha Dishes on her Westminster Wedding Menu

Wedding at the Westminster Hotel

We’re so happy to hear from our bride Natasha after her wedding held here at Westminster Hotel. In this and future posts, we’ll share some of her favorite moments from her big day. [We thank Dean Michaels Studio for the fabulous photos!]

We asked Natasha about her favorite memories from her cocktail party: “Eating food by ourselves!  (LOL!)  It was nice to enjoy each other’s company before all the fun began.  Honestly, everything we had was soo delicious!  We didn’t have one complaint (although I really wanted the chicken and waffles on the menu and didn’t get to try that…)”


Favorite details or dishes from your reception:  “Jon loved the crabcake!  Our filet mignon was cooked to perfection!  A couple of our guests mentioned to us that their servers made sure their steaks were cooked to their liking and they really appreciated that because you don’t normally get that from anywhere else.”

Crab cakes at a Westminster Wedding


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