Peri’s Bat Mitzvah at the Westminster Hotel – Part 2

Peri's bat mitzvah at the Westminster Hotel in Livingston

We continue with more scenes from Peri’s bat mitzvah, with details shared by her father, Brian, and photos from Brad Photographers & Video: 973-696-8763.

“Our DJs, Pure Event Group, were outstanding,” says Brian.

“There was a prepared father/daughter dance that no one knew about, performed to the song ‘Shut Up and Dance With Me’ that caught everyone by surprise.”

“The speech by Peri’s sister, Ella, was adorable.”

“The dancing was non-stop, and the montage of Peri’s life, family and friends was terrific.”

“After it was all over, Peri asked if there would ever be another party in her life that would be like that.  She loved every minute of the day and wore a smile from beginning to end that came from the inside out.  The party was outstanding.  I think we ALL wish we could do it all over again – exactly the same way.”


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