A New Bridal Shower Game: Fashionista Cookie Decorating!

We spotted this fabulous cookie Pin while adding some wedding cookie inspiration to our Pinterest board, and it struck us as an excellent new bridal shower game! Instead of making your guests endure yet another clothespin game, set them up with delicious, unfrosted cookies, and have them ice their own wedding gown design.

Westminster Weddings cookie bridal shower game

This Pin is from Artisan Cakes by E.T., and we love how fabulous these cookie wedding gowns look. As you see, there are two gown silhouettes — really, all you need…but you might want to throw in a short dress cookie shape just to add some fashionista flair to your bridal shower game.

Our pastry chef and bakers can whip up your cookies, and you provide the icing (white or in colors, as seen on Bridal Fashion Week runways!

Ask us about our new bridal shower package, and your shower guests can have the best time ever with your game, as well as a fabulous party overall, complete with signature drinks that you’ll design with our mixology expert, and a scrumptious meal for all!


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