Top Tips for Working With Your Wedding Floral Designer, a Guest Post by Lisa Plociniak of A Touch of Elegance

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When your wedding vision includes stunningly-gorgeous floral arrangements on every guest table, and a bouquet that could be featured in a bridal magazine, you want to be sure you’re working with a dazzlingly-talented floral designer who will bring your floral dreams to life…and make them even better than you can even imagine.

At Westminster Weddings, we’ve seen our ballroom filled with dreamy gardens of blooms, some of which have been featured on the top bridal websites and blogs, and we’d love to help you achieve the same kind of floral glory with your wedding’s flowers and greenery.

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The most important first step is finding the perfect floral designer. And we say ‘floral designer’ quite intentionally, because there is a difference between a Floral Designer and a Florist, as our friend and guest expert Lisa Plociniak, floral designer of A Touch of Elegance explains here:

“A professional floral designer is an artist whose medium is flowers. Often, their designs go beyond flowers and are inspired by big ideas. They are innovative and creative. They look to other disciplines and industries like interior design, fashion and architecture for inspiration. A floral designer is capable of bringing to life their clients’ vision while also maintaining their own style and leaving a memorable signature on the event.”

“A florist is a professional who provides everyday floral needs such as birthday, get well and funeral floral designs. They replicate floral designs that have been predetermined for them, with creativity less important in this area of the floral industry.” This is not to say that florists are to be avoided – you may wish to hire them to send thank-you florals to your parents, wedding experts, your maid of honor, anyone who has delighted you with their special treatment and is deserving of a sweet floral treat.

But for your wedding’s design in the floral realm, it’s best to stick with your floral designer, so that each floral creation complements the others, made from the same creator’s mind and talents, to look their best.

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That said, here are some top tips from Lisa for working with your floral designer:

  • “When working with your floral designer, it’s important to remember that they are visual people. Bring them any photographs of inspirational ideas you have. And – this is a big tip! – these images do not need to be limited to just flower arrangements! You can share other décor ideas like lanterns, room settings, cultural items and furniture to help your floral designer connect with your vision.”
  • “Stay open to your floral designer’s ideas. They may be able to help you create your vision in a way you did not think of, or might not be aware exists.” This is the real benefit of working with a talented, professional floral designer. Remember, they are ‘artists whose medium is flowers’ and in their training and experience, have lovely ideas for how your wedding venue’s entryway can be made even more stunning, or your centerpiece more in keeping with your wedding wishes. “Floral designers are always striving for the unexpected. They are creators of living sculptures. A few types of flowers can be used to create an object not expected to be made of flowers, or a design can be made completely without flowers, like a floral wall behind the wedding cake, or a trellis of hanging candles.

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  • “Visit your wedding venue with your floral designer. It’s a great way to brainstorm, and being in the space is an excellent way to visualize how the space’s look can be maximized.” Top wedding floral designers have worked in many wedding venues, but if they have not worked at yours in the past, this tour is even more important. It’s an exciting wedding planning experience to walk through your wedding venue with your floral designer, watching her creative gears in motion and getting wonderful new ideas about how florals can work magic in your wedding setting.

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