Budget Wedding Beauty: Rose Petal Decor Ideas

Rose petals as wedding decor

If you’re stunned at the cost of centerpieces and other floral arrangements for décor at your wedding, you may be interested in the many ways you can create a pretty floral look for your wedding at just a small fraction of the cost.

You might wish to decorate with flower petals. From using petals to line your aisle to sprinkling them on your guest tables as a lovely look in place of a big, arching floral arrangement, we have some tips for you:

Choose unique petals. Rose petals may come to mind first, in an array of colors from pinks to reds to oranges and yellows, but any kind of flower petals are open to your use. You may love the delicious curl of lily petals or the bright eye-shaped petals of Gerbera daisies, the fold of gardenia petals, or tiny stephanotis petals. Visit a nursery or floral design studio to look not just at the beauty of a flower, but at the individual shapes and barely perceptible color stripes in flower petals.

Make your petal plan. Figure out how you’ll acquire the petals you’ll need. Comparison shop between floral designers, nurseries and floral wholesalers to figure out how many perfect petals you can buy in bulk as plucked petals, and experiment with a few loose flower stems to see just how many petals you can gently pull from one rose. It’s surprising to get so many out of the tightly bunched flowers, and you may find that one $3 rose can give you enough petals to cover a single guest table.

As for timing, this petal-plucking will need to be done right before the wedding, so be sure that you have an expert or volunteers who will swoop in with armloads of flowers, or baskets of fresh petals, to arrange them as you’d like at your site. It’s very important, particularly on warm or cold days, that these petals be scattered or vase-collected at the last minute. And here’s a floral industry tip: have your petal scatterers wear latex or other gloves as they’re fulfilling this task. The oils from their fingers can mar the petals and speed up the petal’s decline, causing discoloration, yellowing, even browning at the edges. So handle with care for the best presentation of petals.

Decide where you’ll use them. Flower petals offer romantic touches to the day – countless romantic gentlemen have scattered rose petals on walkways and on beds for unforgettable gestures of love, and royalty walk on scattered rose petals in so many global societies. If you’d like the royal, romantic treatment, this is it. Here are some creative concepts on using flower petals through your wedding décor plans:

  • Scatter them on the outside edges of your aisle runner, a flower petal pathway border to your steps to the altar
  • Use a flower petal border in place of an aisle runner, indicating the path you’ll take to your beloved.
  • Cover your altar in flower petals (with permission from the officiant)
  • Sprinkle flower petals on the spot where you will stand to take your vows
  • Sprinkle flower petals on the tops of your guest wedding table, then arrange place settings on top of that carpet of color and fragrance
  • Sprinkle flower petals just in the centers of your guest tables, right on the tablecloth and accented by safely-contained votives or pillar candles
  • Sprinkle flower petals on the main table, as a way to set it apart from all others
  • Sprinkle flower petals on the parents’ tables, as a way to set them apart from all others
  • Sprinkle flower petals on the gift table, the placecard table, and the guest book table
  • Sprinkle flower petals on the family photos table
  • Sprinkle flower petals on the cake table, all around the wedding cake
  • Use flower petals (from edible flowers) as a décor accent to your cake
  • Sprinkle flower petals on the buffet table, a little trick from caterers to add color and texture to the spaces between those buffet serving platters, giving the illusion of the buffet table being more packed with offerings.
  • Use a pretty glass vase, filled with colored flower petals, as an inexpensive table centerpiece for each of your guest tables
  • Do the same for an attractive display item in restrooms, sitting rooms, entryways, windowsills, fireplace mantels, bookshelves and other site areas
  • In a square vase, small and with just a handful of color-mixed or monochromatic flower petals, these décor pieces can top your bar as pretty touches to a previously overlooked accent site.

As just a quick word of warning, make sure your ceremony and reception sites will allow you to use flower petals in your wedding décor before you purchase your supplies or get your heart set on the look. Some sites have strict rules about avoiding these potentially slippery petals, not wanting to risk any lawsuits from someone who falls on one, or face the cleanup of tons of petals on the ground or on tablecloths.


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