Wedding Survey Results: How Many Wedding Apps Are Couples Using?

Wedding survey results: wedding apps

How many wedding planning apps are you using? One? Five? None? We asked The Wedding Report to share some of their latest wedding survey stats with us, and here’s what they found in their spring 2015 survey:

26% of wedding couples use wedding planning apps

Wedding couples use an average of 1.1 free wedding planning apps

Wedding couples use an average of .8 paid wedding planning apps

We thought the number of free wedding apps would be higher, since there are SO many to choose from, in such varied categories, and then it hit us: they asked about wedding apps. Wedding couples are likely using foodie apps, flower apps, fashion apps and so many other free app resources (with some paid ones mixed in.) The top-rated apps in any category can be such a wonderful guide to help you do your research, but of course, it wouldn’t be wise to replace your wedding planner with an app. Your wedding planner brings actual experience (not just algorithms) to the table, as well as the ability to listen to what you want for your wedding day, apply those day-saving lessons they’ve learned from years of experience, and even reassure you when wedding stress gets to you.

If you have a favorite app you’d like to share with the Westminster Weddings family of wedding couples, please post it in the Comments section!


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