Top Wedding Drink Trends for 2016

Wedding drink trends 2016

Weddings have come a long way since ‘beer and wine’ was the main focus of the bar list! Now, specialty cocktails, drink pairings, era drinks and dessert drinks are top wedding drink trends for 2016. Our own Jono Moratis, director of food and beverage for Westminster Weddings, shares his favorite drinks for weddings next year:

  • Tequila Bars featuring a variety of brands with Tex-Mex Appetizers. Milagro Barrel Select, Voodoo Tiki Platinum, Roca Patron,Casa Noble are just a few of the premium brands that are featured.
  • Iced Oysters with Chilled Vodka: Rolling seafood cart with a selection of shucked oysters and chilled vodka.
  • Drink Displays are becoming more creative. Champagne or Wine trees presentation: Metal trees or sculptures that hold filled glasses of wines or greeting cocktails.
  • Mini Craft Beers paired with Varieties of Sausage Sliders. Top craft beers such as Avery Mephistopheles Stout, Airways Seat Kicker IPA, Newbury Port Pale Ale.
  • Adult Ice Cream Bar- Ice Cream/Sorbet Shakes spiked with your favorite spirits. Amaretto Vanilla Milkshake anyone?
  • Cordial bar for after dinner- selection of Lemoncello, Sambuca, Anisette, Amaretto can be offered with optional coffee or espresso bar.
  • Craft Spirits…Rye whiskeys are making a comeback: Knob Creek, Ranger Creek 44, Bulleit Rye, Sazerac Rye.
  • Prohibition Cocktail Themes featuring the Mary Pickford, Gin Rickey, Side Car and White Lady as signature reception cocktail

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