Average Cost of NJ Wedding Table Centerpieces

Average centerpiece spending at NJ weddings

We’ve seen some gorgeous wedding table centerpieces at Westminster Weddings, from towering florals lush with the prettiest of blooms, exotic flowers, gorgeous greenery and lanterns hanging from manzanita branches, plus the big wedding trend of using more natural elements like stone, wood and moss in wedding centerpiece design.

A few years ago, wedding couples dialed down their centerpiece plans to the low-set and single florals that were on-trend then, but now the understated florals look has been replaced by more lavish centerpiece florals and décor, and the trend will continue for 2016 weddings, 2017 weddings and beyond.

Here are the average amounts spent by NJ wedding couples on their table centerpiece florals and decorations:

Year   Average Spending per Wedding  
2008 $393
2009 $403
2010 $455
2011 $401
2012 $401
2013 $407
2014 $407
2015 $408
2016 $410
2017 $411
2018 $413
2019 $415
2020 $416

Keep in mind that these are just the average wedding floral costs in New Jersey — many NJ wedding couples spent way more, and some of course spent less.


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