What NJ Wedding Couples are Spending on the Rehearsal Dinner

NJ wedding couples are spending more on rehearsal dinners

Rehearsal dinners are becoming more important to NJ wedding couples again, after a pretty sizeable drop-off in 2011 when couples opted to slim down their rehearsal dinner guest list, and spend a lot less on the dinner itself.

The ‘do very little for your rehearsal dinner’ trend did not go well. Wedding guests who traveled into town from far away found themselves left out of the rehearsal dinner plans, and those who did get invited weren’t always treated to the best wedding catering and fine wines. It was a time of ‘budget cutting gone bad.’

Now, thankfully, wedding couples are planning standout rehearsal dinners, choosing a fabulous restaurant as the setting (instead of ordering in pizzas at their house party,) planning impressive and indulgent rehearsal dinner menus, raising the bar on fine wines, champagne and signature cocktails, and putting great artistic effort into their rehearsal dinner invitations.

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The rehearsal dinner isn’t just something to get through, a place to drink wine the night before the wedding. No matter who hosts the rehearsal dinner – the groom’s parents, all the parents, the two of you – this celebration is once again getting the attention it deserves, even being themed (such as a Speakeasy theme or a color palette you considered for your wedding but chose instead to use on your rehearsal dinner.) As you’ll see here, the trend is spending a bit more on rehearsal dinners each year, although not as much as back in 2010 – yet still achieving a stunning style and details to make this event wonderful for you and for your guests.

Year   Average Spending per Wedding  
2008 $1,059
2009 $931
2010 $1,109
2011 $703
2012 $704
2013 $714
2014 $735
2015 $745
2016 $757
2017 $768
2018 $778
2019 $791
2020 $801

Now keep in mind that these are just the average rehearsal dinner budgets for NJ wedding couples. There may be couples out there spending 1/5 of the average rehearsal dinner cost, and there are definitely couples out there spending 5x the average rehearsal dinner cost. (We’ve been home to many impressive rehearsal dinners, hosted by wedding couples who want to treat their guests to an unforgettable meal and together-time, and New Jersey Bride named us as one of the Best Rehearsal Dinner Venues in NJ.)

Contact us to find out more about rehearsal dinners at our on-site and award-winning Strip House in Livingston; our event planner and chef will help you personalize your rehearsal dinner plans.


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