What Are the Top Wedding Style Trends?

west white 5

When asked what their dream wedding style is, today’s wedding couple often has one overriding style in mind — such as vintage or casual — or they may combine two or more styles, like ‘Formal and Fun’ or ‘Vintage and Elegant.’ Westminster Weddings have been planned in so many gorgeous styles, from ultra-formal to cultural to garden and more, so we share with you some of the latest statistics from our friends at The Wedding Report, showing what’s on wedding couples’ wishlists:

Top Wedding Styles:

Romantic               42%

Simple                   36%

Fun                        35%

Elegant                  33%

Traditional             27%

DIY                        25%

Casual                   20%

Unique                   19%

Rustic                    19%

Vintage                  18%

Formal                   16%

Garden                  13%

Theme                    8%

Beach                     7%

Other                      3%

Our on-site wedding planner Inez will be happy to chat with you about your wedding style wishlist, and our team can work with your wedding designers to help bring your wedding dreams to life!


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