Top Wedding Catering Trends for 2015


Westminster Weddings are known for their spectacular catering (courtesy of our on-site Strip House chefs and team,) with our strip steak and creamed spinach being two of our most popular wedding menu items.

To help you create a standout wedding menu, we’ve collected some of the top wedding catering trends for 2015:

  • Perfect pairings. Specifically, the perfect menu pairings of hors d’oeuvres and mini cocktails or shots…or little beer mugs like ours shown here, paired with our signature pigs in a blanket.


  • Farm-fresh ingredients. Chefs source their menu ingredients at local farmer’s markets, to get the freshest-tastings and most beautiful food items.


  • Comfort food. In addition to crunchy, fresh, healthy fare that’s become a Must in wedding catering, a top trend this year is comfort food like mac n’ cheese and soup stations. We count our creamy spinach as a comfort food, so think about applying this trend to your dinner menu sides as well.
Truffled Spinach

Truffled Spinach

  • Family-style platters. Family-style is a big buzzword for 2015’s wedding catering trends, with sizeable platters of delectable food placed on guests’ tables for them to help themselves. You can choose to offer family-style appetizers if you love the idea of family-style serving, but want to limit it to one course. When guests are helping themselves, and helping other guests to their servings, it creates a natural breaking-the-ice moment at the start of your wedding, so that each group becomes ‘the fun table’ of new friends.
  • Mediterranean food. Hummus and vegetables top the trends list for this menu choice, with a Mediterranean station always among the most popular at weddings.
  •  Classic entrees. A fabulous filet or strip steak, or a perfectly-cooked, moist chicken breast, are among the choices for classic entrees as fare for formal and informal weddings. What most impresses guests is the quality of the food, and the art of the presentation. Even if guests cook chicken for themselves at home, they haven’t had chicken as good at the chicken at your wedding.

NJ Bride 50 Shades of Grey bridal shower Strip House Signature NY Strip Steak

  • Bacon accents. Not bacon bits. We’re talking bacon-wrapped asparagus, bacon-infused soup and other dishes with bacon as an ingredient to make the crowd go wild.
  • Late-night snacks. After the wedding cake has been served, and the desserts enjoyed, the dancing still goes on, and guests love it when new dishes come out of the kitchen. Mini pizzas, sliders, hot pretzels, mini tacos, and milk and cookie pairings are popular, and guests also love to see those pigs in a blanket come back around again!

njbblogbatch15 soup bar grilled cheese sides The Westminster Hotel westmenugarlic herbfries

west pigs


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