Katherine & Tyler’s ‘Getting Wedding-Ready’ Photos at Westminster Hotel

west real wedding dean-michaels-studio-0003_0441

Katherine & Tyler looked fabulous as they dressed for their big day here at Westminster Hotel . It’s such a wonderful moment to get to after so many months of looking forward to your big day, with so much excitement around you, and this exciting time captured by your photographer. We thank Dean Michaels Studio for sharing these images with us, and we’re excited to hear that Katherine & Tyler’s wedding was a winner in the studio’s first round of their Best of Weddings 2014 Facebook Contest!

west real wedding dean-michaels-studio-0002_0387 west real wedding dean-michaels-studio-0001_0222 west real wedding dean-michaels-studio-0005_0455 west real wedding dean-michaels-studio-0004_0450 west real wedding dean-michaels-studio-0010_0896

We’re especially happy that Katherine chose to pose for some of her ultra-glam wedding photos at Strip House. The luxe setting added so much elegant detail to her portraits!

west real wedding dean-michaels-studio-0007_0569 west real wedding dean-michaels-studio-0006_0536


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