5 Ways to Personalize your Wedding Dance Floor

west white 3

At Westminster Weddings, our wedding couples and favorite NJ wedding planners have designed beautifully personalized décor for their wedding celebrations, and one of the biggest trends that we see here in our Livingston wedding venue is artistry focused on our dance floor.

It makes a lot of sense, since a dance floor is basically one big palette, a big focal point of a wedding ballroom, and a stellar space for wedding theme-enhancing color and design. When guests walk into your wedding ballroom, they’ll be impressed by how gorgeous your wedding space is, and your dance floor plays a big part in that.

Here are 5 ways to personalize your wedding dance floor on any wedding budget:

1. Change the shape of your dance floor. At Westminster Weddings, our dance floor is specially-created to allow the ability to change the shape and size, as dance floor tiles can be detached and re-arranged safely and securely to create custom shapes and dimensions suiting your wedding ballroom design wishes and your guest list. So, you might have a square dance floor, a rectangle, an L-shape and other designs, which is especially fun for the 2015 wedding trend of using geometric shapes in wedding details.

2. Project large shapes onto your wedding dance floor. Like the image shown above, large, artistic swirls and shapes illuminate your dance floor, and when timed to change with the music, appear to ‘dance,’ beckoning your wedding guests onto the dance floor throughout your reception.

3. Plan for different color schemes. A golden glow can surround you as you dance to your First Dance song, and then as the party progresses, switch the color scheme to trendy purples and blues, whichever colors complement your wedding décor colors and set the mood you’d like.

4. Project your names, monogram or a personalized saying onto your wedding dance floor. The top wedding lighting specialists in NJ can create custom wedding light projections to make your wedding dance floor your own, and even create the effect of dancing on a surface like rose petals or a Moroccan carpet. If you’re on a budget, you can still get artistic light projections on your dance floor without paying custom light creation prices, by using the ‘basic’ light projection effects the company already has in stock, such as snowflakes, trendy polka dots and other designs.

5. Apply a giant decal to your wedding dance floor. We’re talking a full dance floor decal that covers your entire dance floor, like Darien did for her bat mitzvah here at the Westminster Hotel:


Your wedding coordinator can help you design and order this big dance floor decal, and our wedding team can help you envision the ideal dance floor artistry effects, colors and dance floor shape to make a fabulous impression in your wedding ballroom.


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