Top Wedding Trend: Speakeasy Style


One of the top wedding trends today is the 1920s/1930s wedding theme — reflected in 1920s wedding gown styles and 1920s invitation designs — and within this throwback wedding theme is The Speakeasy.

Back in Prohibition era (1920-1933,) it was illegal to sell, make or transport alcoholic beverages, so secret clubs popped up, accessible through a hidden door and requiring a password to gain entry.

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While Strip House at the Westminster Hotel in Livingston is not a speakeasy club, you can see how our décor — and our private party room, and our mixologists’ expertise with classic cocktails inspired by the 1920s and 1930s — can allow you to turn your engagement party, co-ed bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or after-party into a speakeasy theme.

To help you boost that speakeasy theme, here are some fun FYIs to add to your invitations or personal wedding website:

* In Prohibition era, these hidden bars were called speakeasies because of the practice of speaking quietly about such a location, and also speaking quietly when inside it, to avoid alerting the neighbors or police about its presence.

* A British slang dictionary also called these ‘speak softly shops.’

* Speakeasy bar menu styles are known for their creative and potent cocktails, as well as classic drinks like a French 75 and a Sidecar.

Your guests will look forward to your speakeasy-themed party, an easy twist that adds something extra to your rehearsal dinner, after-party or as an all-class first stop for your NJ bachelorette party or bachelor party restaurant experience.


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