How to Make the Most of Natural Light in your Wedding Venue Space

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Impress your wedding guests with a spacious venue offering the ability to create different party areas, and especially plenty of natural light that opens up the space, creating an airy, expansive feel. If the start of your wedding celebration will take place in daylight, here’s what our skylights do for your cocktail party area at Westminster Weddings, opening up the space to the blue sky and wispy white clouds above. (Artists have painted ceilings to look just like this bright blue sky with clouds!)

And as the sun sets, your cocktail hour will enjoy the colors of the sky visible above, fading from pinks to purples to elegant black sky with stars visible through the skylights during your reception.

Some ways to make the most of natural light in your wedding venue:

1. Mirrors. We have them on our columns throughout our cocktail hour space, a narrow strip of mirror that makes them look stylish and reflects all the lighting your space provides.

2. Uplighting. Colored uplighting adds dimension to the outline of your party space, ballroom and cocktail hour space, and can flatter your venue space décor.

3. Candles. Tall and shorter candles mix and matched together on your wedding guest tables creates a lovely lighting effect and en elegant feel in your wedding ballroom. With a large ballroom and tall ceilings, you’ll need an array of candle heights; taller candles work better in a spacious ballroom than groupings of votives or lower candles.

4. Shimmery tablecloths. They capture and reflect the lighting in your wedding ballroom, adding a subtle shimmer to your party space.

5. Elegant glassware. Classic champagne flutes, wine glasses and other stemware on guest tables, in clear glass, best reflect candlelight, uplighting and strung lighting effects. Keep that in mind when trying to decide between clear and frosted or colored glassware.

6. Know what the natural lighting will be like at your wedding venue during your wedding season, and plan to use it to your advantage. A great lighting effects company will be able to advise you on the best ways to maximize lighting effects and your venue’s natural lighting to make your wedding details stand out even more.


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