The New Top Trends in Wedding Entertainment

west violin

What’s hot in wedding entertainment? Westminster Hotel Weddings have featured some of the best wedding entertainers in New Jersey, who filled the dance floor until the wee hours and made those special first dances extra-special.

We talked to Ian Magid, event producer from Hank Lane Music in Livingston, to get the details on the top trends in wedding entertainment for 2015.

Top Trends in Wedding Entertainment for the Cocktail Hour

“An acoustic rock duo or trio playing during the cocktail hour is a top new trend, letting you expand from  traditional classic music to play contemporary rock songs that everyone loves, but that not be best for dancing, like Crash and Satellite. It’s like MTV Unplugged for your wedding,says Magid. “And we’re also seeing more requests for the electric violin from those couples who do want classic songs mixed in with contemporary music, for a great blend of songs that work well during the cocktail hour.”

Top Trends in Wedding Reception Entertainment

“During the dancing hours, we’re also seeing the electric violin worked into the reception’s repertoire of electronic dance music for that exciting live performance feeling,” says Magid, who goes on to say that a big new trend is how the entertainers are dressed. “Most Top 40 artists are under age 30. You don’t see them performing in tuxedoes at their concerts, so even at a formal wedding, their attire is more relaxed.”

We asked Magid about entertainers like caricature artists drawing guests’ images during the cocktail party and reception, and he feels that it’s best to keep the attention on the dance floor. If you have too many performers attracting attention off the dance floor, the result can be a less packed dance floor that may keep some guests from fully enjoying the dancing hours.

Magid says that one exception that does work for wedding entertainment is the photo booth located in another room. “Guests are happy to go to the photo booth and have fun posing for a short while, but then they go right back to the dance floor.”

We here at Westminster Hotel Weddings agree that a great night of dancing makes a wedding unforgettable, and we thank Ian for his expert take on these top entertainment trends.


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