A Top Trend in Wedding Drinks: Artisinal Ice

west ice edble flowers west ice lime listotic west ice sphere big west ice with fruit photo buzzfeed

Looking for ways to make your wedding bar even more sensational? We found a fabulous new trend: artisanal ice.

According to the Hawkins PR report on Top Travel Trends for 2015, artisanal ice is a big thing in restaurant drinks, and we think it would be fantastic as well to dress up your drinks with unique ice cubes, which our mixologists will arrange to pair with your chosen signature wedding cocktails and other drinks. For instance, each cocktail will be served with artisanal ice chosen specifically for that drink, for its chilling/melting properties. Choose anything from large round spherical ice in an Old Fashioned to finely crushed ice in a Moscow Mule.

Wedding guests love those spherical ice cubes, and for tall drinks, one long cylindrical ice cube takes the place of a bunch of quick-melting regular ice cubes.

Add in fruits and edible flowers to ice cubes, and they become extra visual as well as tasty in the drink.

Talk to your wedding mixologist about arranging for artisanal ice for your cocktails, and you’ll raise the bar on your drink offerings.


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