How Far Away from Home are NJ Wedding Couples’ Wedding Venues?

west nj travel distance 2

When you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue, are you casting a wide enough net? Sticking within a mile of home might cause you to miss out on a sensational NJ wedding venue that’s just a bit further away, but easy to get to, and perfect for all of your wedding wishes.

Here, we share the latest NJ wedding statistics from The Wedding Report to help you see how far other wedding couples are traveling to marry at their dream wedding location:

Last year, wedding couples in the U.S. traveled an average of 42 miles away from home to their wedding venues. And NJ wedding couples traveled between 32 and 42 miles from home to marry. But as you’ll see here, a good portion of NJ wedding couples travel further, which can make your wedding venue one that many of your local wedding guests haven’t been to time and time again.

So no matter where you are in the Garden State, New York City, Pennsylvania and beyond, we hope you’ll look outside the boundaries of your hometown to discover the ideal NJ wedding venue for you.

Miles from Home Percent of Weddings Number of Weddings
Within 25 miles 65.9% 29,486
Within 50 miles 19.1% 8,546
Between 50 and 200 miles 9.0% 4,027
More than 200 miles 6.0% 2,685

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