What NJ Wedding Couples Are Spending on Tips

Photo by Wooster and Prince

Photo by Wooster and Prince

It’s a big question among our NJ wedding couples: who gets tipped, and how much? According to wedding etiquette rules, tips are always appreciated by wedding vendors, and it’s up to you to decide how to reward excellent service by wedding experts and wedding venue staffers who go above and beyond to make your wedding dreams come true.

Here, from the national wedding survey company The Wedding Report, are the average tipping amounts given by NJ wedding couples over the years, including current wedding years and what’s projected for the future:

Year   Average Spending per Wedding  
2008 $451
2009 $450
2010 $457
2011 $443
2012 $442
2013 $447
2014 $466
2015 $431
2016 $438
2017 $431
2018 $418

What do you think? When you add up tips for your wedding experts, do these numbers seem high or low? Remember that these are average tipping amounts, so they’ve included couples who really tip well, as well as couples who probably should have given a bit more.

It’s a good idea to budget for generous tipping from the start of your wedding planning, so that you’ll be able to reward your excellent wedding experts well when the time comes.


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