Westminster Hotel Wedding Menu Trend: Late-Night Bites


The 2015 wedding trend of late-night bites — offering late-night snacks to wedding guests who are still dancing up a storm and enjoying cocktails, proposing toasts, owning the dance floor, and celebrating with you — is one of the new Musts for weddings. Since it’s the food that impresses guests so much, and can make your wedding everyone’s pick for Best Wedding Ever, offering a budget-friendly late-night bite or two is a sensational way to close your wedding with a great Last Taste of the Night. You get to show off, once again, how fabulous your wedding chef is, and what great taste you have in all things culinary.

(Plus, when guests have been drinking for hours, it’s always smart to give them something to eat as the party continues.)

Here are some of the top trends in late-night bites for weddings:

* French fries, herbed in one or several ways (guests pick their faves!) and served with a flavored dipping sauce.

* Pigs in a blanket. Since guests loved them so much during the cocktail hour, you can have your servers delight them by making an entrance, bearing platters of these party fave bites.


* Breakfast fare. Mini pancakes with warm maple syrup drizzle, mini waffles, even bite-sized New Jersey Taylor ham and cheese sandwiches.

* Empanadas.

* Sliders…work with your wedding chef to make these unique, such as using a great artisanal cheese, or serving turkey or veggie sliders to suit your guests’ special diets.

* Spring rolls.

* Beef slices on baguette rounds, with a mild horseradish sauce.


* Mini Reubens

* Mini grilled cheese sandwiches

njbblogbatch15 soup bar grilled cheese sides The Westminster Hotel

And of course, you can set up your own custom Dunkin Donuts bar, as seen here from a Westminster Hotel bat mitzvah:

west amanda15


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