Molly’s Candlyland-Themed Bat Mitzvah at Westminster Hotel in Livingston NJ

west molly sign

Molly’s Candyland-themed bat mitzvah filled the Westminster Hotel ballroom with bright colors and fun details reminiscent of the classic board game, and we love the fun personalization touches that went into every element of Molly’s big day.

These fabulous photos by Chris Jorda Photography were featured in a special spotlight blog post on


Some of the standout details of Molly’s bat mitzvah here at the Westminster Hotel include:

west molly 3 west molly 4 west molly1 west molly2 west molly6

• A custom pink and white ‘Mollyland’ sign standing out against the white dance floor and lounge furniture.
• The themed tables matched to Molly’s interest. As an athlete, shopper, fashionista and friend, Molly chose table themes that reflected her favorite places and things.
• The bright color patterns. The napkins and tablecloths in bright shades matched the vibrant colors in the Candyland game.
• Oversized candy décor pieces were eye-catchers and helped transform the Westminster Hotel ballroom into a candy-themed wonderland.
• The kids’ lounge area was filled with sleek, white furniture accented with bright pops of color and candy-themed decorations, including candy-themed centerpieces made to look like milkshakes with a floral ‘cherry’ on top.
• A donation was made to Self Help NY, an organization dedicated to supporting those who survived the Holocaust, an important cause for Molly and her family. The bat mitzvah weekend included Holocaust Remembrance Day, significant because Molly was born on that day in 2001, and her grandmother is a Holocaust survivor. Molly’s mother Karen said that the weekend had a balance of spiritual and religious elements, as well as being bright and vibrant fun for all of Molly’s loved ones.
For more details on Molly’s bat mitzvah, please do visit the blog post, and if you’d like to plan a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, engagement party, bridal shower, engagement party or any other special celebration for which you’d love to have plenty of versatile space for special lounges, dance areas and spacious seating areas, not to mention outdoor celebration spaces, visit us at Westminster Hotel Weddings to talk with our in-house event planners and award-winning chef from Strip House.


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