Top Wedding Trends at Westminster Hotel Weddings: Your Wedding’s ‘Birthmonth’ Gemstone and Flower


west sapphire

One of the top wedding trends that we see here at Westminster Hotel Weddings is personalizing a wedding to the couple’s birthmonth. It may be using their birthstone or their birthmonth flowers, such as featuring Lily of the Valley in the bride’s bouquet if she was born in May. Or, for a September wedding, the color Sapphire is a trendy color for a fall wedding, and the bride may incorporate some blue bling in the crystal accents on her dress, in her tiara or in her wedding day jewelry.

A great way to give this timeless wedding tradition a unique twist is to consider your wedding date the birthstone of your marriage. So, if your wedding is in July, your wedding’s ‘birthmonth’ gemstone is Ruby and your wedding’s ‘birthmonth’ flower is the larkspur or water lily. Your wedding’s ‘birthmonth’ is when your new life is born, so why not embrace a new set of pretty gemstone and flower as your partnership’s signature stone or bloom?

 west ruby

Birth Month Gemstones

•January Birthstone – Garnet

•February Birthstone- Amethyst

•March Birthstone – Aquamarine

•April Birthstone – Diamond

•May Birthstone – Emerald

•June Birthstone – Pearl

•July Birthstone – Ruby

•August Birthstone – Peridot

•September Birthstone – Sapphire

•October Birthstone – Opal

•November Birthstone – Topaz

•December Birthstone – Blue Topaz

 west lily of the valley

Birth Month Flowers

January Birth Flower – the Carnation or Snowdrop

February Birth Flower – the Violet or Primrose

March Birth Flower – the Jonquil (aka Daffodil or Narcissus)

April Birth Flower – the Sweet pea or Daisy

May Birth Flower – the Lily of the Valley

June Birth Flower – the Rose

July Birth Flower – the Larkspur or Water Lily

August Birth Flower – the Gladiolus or Poppy

September Birth Flower – the Aster or Morning Glory

October Birth Flower – the Calendula (Marigold)

November Birth Flower – the Chrysanthemum

December Birth Flower – the Narcissus


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