The Average Number of Weddings by Month

west weddings by month

Trying to select the best month for your wedding? These statistics may help you pick the best time for a wedding, and also shows you which months are off-peak, which might present more availabilities and better pricing for your wedding budget:

Weddings by Month for United States

Total 2013 weddings for United States was 2,156,320, and the average number of NJ Weddings in 2013 was 44,744, and projected at 45,825 in 2014 — Here at Westminster Hotel Weddings in Livingston, NJ, we’re seeing a greater number of weddings being planned in each of the coming years, so be sure to book early to get the wedding month you want!

Month Percent of Weddings Number of Weddings
January 3.7% 79,784
February 3.6% 77,628
March 5.1% 109,972
April 6.6% 142,317
May 10.4% 224,257
June 13.5% 291,103
July 10.7% 230,726
August 11.5% 247,977
September 12.8% 276,009
October 11.2% 241,508
November 5.8% 125,067
December 4.9% 105,660

One thought on “The Average Number of Weddings by Month

  1. I recently wrote a blog post entitled October is the New June. Most of the inquiries I’m getting for 2015 are for October weddings. Couples are learning that even going a bit off season can open up more venue options, and possibly save them some money.

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