WeddingWire Review of Westminster Hotel Weddings

west review photo

We’re pleased to share the WeddingWire review posted by our bride Kate:

“Wow. The Westminster Hotel was the PERFECT place for our wedding. The service was professional and took every ounce of stress or worry away from us the day of our wedding. The food tasting was personal and intimate, which my husband and I liked. They have a wonderful choice of linens to choose from, and they provide centerpieces too, which for us was a huge savings. The FOOD is OUTSTANDING! Although the wedding was hosted at The Westminster, the steakhouse onsite caters it. The filet is the best we have ever had. The cocktail hour was great, our drinks were always full, and everybody had a wonderful time. The staff at The Westminster were so great and wonderful. I wish I could hug each of them for what a memorable experience they gave us. We wouldn’t have changed a thing. Thank you!!!!”



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