Westminster Hotel Weddings Trend Report: 5 Tips for Your Sweetheart Table

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west white groom


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In your beautiful wedding ballroom filled with your friends and family, with a dance floor packed with your guests having the time of their lives, it’s wonderful to have a ‘home base’ where you and your new spouse can meet up, and share a few kisses before your sumptuous dinner is brought to you.

At Westminster Hotel Weddings, we’ve seen in-love wedding couples enjoy precious Together Time, which can be rare at other weddings that have the couple spending the entirety of their receptions pulled outside for photos, then beckoned to guest tables, dancing with their friends, and otherwise missing out on the chance to get a few breathers alone.

So we’ve compiled some tips to make your Sweetheart Table the place where you can get some moments of connection, and also get some great photos:

1. Position your Sweetheart Table at the edge of the dance floor. This way, you can get right out there when the first few notes of your favorite songs are played…not get grabbed and redirected by well-meaning guests who get in the way of your dash to enjoy that dance. You’ll also have the best view of your entertainers, and any video you might play during your celebration.

2. Get great chairs. They don’t have to match the chairs that your guests are sitting in. Think about stylish clear chairs, or just a different color of chair linens to set your spots apart.

3. Hang signs from your chairs. Like these Bride and Groom signs from a recent Westminster Hotel Wedding here in Livingston. Talk to your wedding planner about the best way to secure your signs to your chairs without them falling off all night, and choose signs that are on the light side, not ones that are too heavy, causing your chairs to tip over when you’re not in them.

4. Choose low-set florals for your table. An enormous centerpiece scaled to the size of your regular guest tables is too big for your petite Sweetheart Table. Low-set flowers look better on a small table, and don’t block your view of the room. Your table flowers might be in all one color, while your guest table centerpieces are a mix of shades. Or, you might use pricier flowers on your table, while having your floral designer make big, lush florals using budget flowers (that still look amazing in large bunches.)

5. Decorate the front of your Sweetheart Table. Guests will take photos of you from the front of your table, and when guests walk into your wedding ballroom, that sign will be one of the first impressions made. So a wedding DIY sign could be a fun project, even if it’s just a chalkboard sign or a trendy wood cutout of your monogram.


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