The 15 Top Wedding Trends at Westminster Hotel Weddings, Livingston NJ

west enter9

At Westminster Hotel Weddings, we see the top wedding trends designed in beautiful style, on an exorbitant wedding scale, in elegant wedding style, and always in fun ways that share the couple’s personality. These top wedding trends give guests so much to enjoy, and we’re pleased to share the top wedding trends that we’re seeing – for ballroom weddings and for outdoor weddings – here at the Westminster Hotel:

The 15 Top Wedding Trends at Westminster Hotel Weddings:

1.       Having guests take wedding pictures, and then simultaneously upload them in real time to the couple’s Wedding Instagram Account.

2.       Designing billowy entrance settings that create a canopy effect for your entry to your ceremony, and to your reception.

3.       Pale pink or peach wedding dresses.

4.       Food & Beverage pairings in passed hors d’ oeuvres.

5.       Integrating the PANTONE® color of the year into your desserts. This year’s color, Radiant Orchid, has been extremely popular here at Westminster Hotel Weddings.

west dessert4

6.      Cocktail party wedding celebrations opposed to formal sit-down dinners.

7.      Passed sweets instead of an elaborate Viennese table.

8.      Beverage cart presentations, in which servers prepare specialty drinks tableside.

9.      Champagne bar with add your own mixers & accents.

10.   Late-night snacks for your guests upon leaving.

11.   Ombre Cake coloring (The wedding cake’s top layer is pale pink, with the color getting gradually darker to the bottom layer of dark pink.)

12. Texture effects on the wedding cake, like ‘ruffled’ frosting layers making the cake coordinate with the bride’s dress fabric.

13.  Menu flavors are driven by the “season” for the menu selections, such as fall wedding flavors like maple and pumpkin.

14. ‘Superfresh’ wedding menu items, from the ‘farm-to-table’ trend bringing fresh farmer’s market produce and fresh-caught seafood to your wedding menu.


15.   Marquee Signage as backdrops to customize the couple’s wedding. Vintage marquee letters are ultra-popular for wedding décor styling.




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