Westminster Hotel Weddings Hotspot: 12 Ways to Use Strip House for your Wedding Celebration

west strip1

When your wedding is held at the Westminster Hotel, in Essex County’s Livingston, you get the opportunity to hold several of your wedding weekend events in the famous Strip House restaurant, located here at Westminster Hotel. Our New Jersey wedding couples have arranged to host several events in the glam Strip House, with its red, black and white décor, spacious bar, and NJ-themed décor, and in addition to the beautiful setting and delectable menu options, you’re doing a great service to your wedding guests in keeping your events on-site, so that no one has to drive anywhere else.

west strip2

Here are some of the fabulous ways that Westminster Hotel Wedding couples are using Strip House in their wedding plans:

1. Welcome cocktail party for arriving out-of-town guests. It’s become a big Wedding Must to plan  welcome party for guests who have traveled into town to attend your wedding. Westminster Hotel Wedding weekend start with a stylish welcome cocktail party held in our stunning bar and restaurant space.

2. Rehearsal dinner. Smaller groups can enjoy the rehearsal dinner, and our dinner menu, in our private event room in Strip House. Larger groups can take over our dining room, or a portion of the dining room if they wish.

west strip3

3. Pre-wedding photos. The bride and bridesmaids may gather here to have a luxurious background for their group photos, and the bride can also be photographed here as well.

4. First Looks. Another big wedding trend is First Looks, which is when the wedding couple meet before the ceremony to greet one another, and have their wedding photographer capture that priceless moment when they see one another for the first time. After the Big Reveal, the couple then has portraits taken of themselves, which cuts down on the time they’d miss at their cocktail party when taking post-ceremony photos.

5. The groom and his men may gather here for photos and pre-wedding cocktails.

6. After-party. After the wedding reception, wedding couples bring their VIP guests to the Strip House for cocktails and a late-night menu of small plate bites or desserts.

west strip6

west strip5

And there are additional ways you can call Westminster Hotel’s Strip House your wedding’s ‘home:’

* For the dinner when both sets of parents meet each other, perhaps for the first time, and to celebrate the start of the engagement plans.

* For bridesmaids’ planning luncheons and bridal showers

* For the wedding couple’s regular romantic dinner dates during the wedding planning months.

* For luncheons with your wedding coordinator, arranging wedding plans while enjoying a delicious meal or salads.

* For a post-honeymoon thank-you dinner with parents.

* For anniversary dinners in the future.

With Strip House chefs making your wedding menu items, you have the luxury of special meal preparation on-site in case a wedding guests didn’t tell you they’re allergic to onions. Chef Bill Zucosky and his team can just whip up a special plate for that guest (onion-free,) which is something that often cannot be done at other NJ wedding venues.

Come visit Strip House if you haven’t dined here in the past, and let us help inspire ways that your wedding weekend can be even more grand, even more glam, when your wedding weekend events include dining at Strip House.


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