5 Trends in Signature Wedding Drinks at Westminster Hotel Weddings

west drinks2

The key to a great signature wedding cocktail is personalizing it to your love story, while at the same time offering guests a tasty, trendy drink that they’ll love. Surveys say that most guests only *try* a signature cocktail, taking a few sips and then returning to their wedding cocktail of choice, but at Westminster Hotel Weddings, the wedding couple and their guests savor their signature drinks and count it among the many highlights of the celebration.

west drink white

west drink red

west drink lemon

west drink bubbly

Here are 5 new trends in signature wedding cocktails:

1. Skip the neon. Guests today love drinks that are more natural in flavor and in color.
2. Champagne can be your signature cocktail. Just add a bright berry or a sugar cube infused with berry juice for a bit of flavor and color.
3. Brangelina your names together. Instead of ‘Leslie’s Lemon Drop’ and ‘Brad’s Bourbon on the Rocks,” the blended name of a cocktail for this couple could start with “Breslie’s.” How do your names ‘Brangelina’ together?
4. Feature herbs. Top herbs for cocktail flavor and garnishing include mint, rosemary, cilantro, and lemongrass. Talk to your wedding mixologist about ways to use that farm-to-table trend to add garden freshness to your cocktails.
5. Provide your story. If you enjoyed a certain cocktail on the night you got engaged, bring that cocktail into your wedding bar menu and share that experience with your guests. No matter the drink you choose from your love story, create a terrific sign telling guests the backstory of your signature cocktail.

And don’t get carried away with signature wedding drinks. Guests can become overwhelmed when they reach the bar and see a list of 20 different drinks. Just 1 to 3 would be quite fine.


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