Westminster Weddings FAQ: What’s the Capacity of Our Wedding Spaces?

west white

When New Jersey wedding couples contact us to start planning their dream wedding celebrations, one of the questions they ask us is ‘What’s the capacity of your wedding ballroom?” Whether you’re having a small wedding or a big wedding, you want all of your guests to have plenty of room to enjoy your celebration.

So we have the answers for you here:


Westminster Hotel Wedding Ceremonies:

* Max. Seated Indoors: 500

* Max. Seated Outdoors: 250

westminster garden3

Westminster Hotel Wedding Receptions:

* Max Seated Indoors: 500

* Max Seated Outdoors: 150

* Max. Standing Indoors (for a cocktail party wedding:) 500

* Max. Standing Outdoors: 300

We also have our indoor pool atrium where you can host a cocktail party for a capacity of 40 guests, ideal for a gathering with your bridal party the day before all your wedding guests arrive, or for a welcome party for your small wedding guest list.

west pool

And we have smaller capacity event rooms, perhaps for your intimate wedding or for your after-party (60 person capacity in the Richmond A & B room,) and seating for 20 in the Strip House’s private event room, ideal for your rehearsal dinner.

west strip4 west strip3

Contact us to discuss your wedding guest headcount and your wishes for indoor and outdoor celebrations throughout your wedding weekend. We always have the perfect place for your parties! Including our outdoor patio space with fountains and pergola:

westminster garden6

westminster garden4


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