Cocktail Party Pairings: Menu Items and Drinks at Westminster Hotel Weddings


A top wedding trend for 2014 that will still go strong for 2015 weddings is creating menu item and drink pairings for your cocktail party stations. Here, the chefs at Westminster Hotel Weddings have paired a green tea and candied ginger shot with an Asian noodle salad served in mini takeout containers with chopsticks. The combination of flavors creates a refreshing, healthy flair in the midst of a cocktail party’s variety of dishes.

And here is the Westminster Hotel Weddings’ popular pigs in a blanket paired with beer shots:


Not every cocktail party station has to offer a drink pairing, but you can customize your cocktail party’s trendy drink offerings in partnership with your choices of hot and cold cocktail party menu items. Talk with our catering director, who can expertly guide you on menu choices and drink pairings at your Westminster Hotel Wedding.


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